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- Speed Humps

Northgate - Speed Humps

The 20 year wait is finally over!!

a promise delivered!!


When you get told and shown evidence of residents trying to make their street peaceful and safe for the past 20 years - This issue has surfaced 14 times in the Community Safety & Traffic committee since 2015.  Getting safety mitigations that will help bring relief for these residents is not as easy as it looks.  I know their are issues all over our town, but when you have approx. 4,000 cars a day driving in front of your house on a side street, with speeds exceeding over 100km/hr in a 40km/hr community safety zone located between 3 schools, an accessible green pathway and activity trail - How safe do you really feel?  

Despite a 16 minute winded appeal by the Mayor trying to justify why these should not be put in...had very little affect as the 7 ward councillors, including the chair of the Safety & Traffic Committee, the Ward Councillor - all voted in favor for the speed humps.   This vote mattered - it shows that we are listening to the voices of our constituents and we are committed to making changes that meet our #1 strategic priority which is Safety & Traffic.  

I am Happy to announce that the residents of Northgate Drive will be enjoying these NEW Speed Humps this Spring.

Lets be frank

This has been a very long 2 years advocating for this safety mitigation to happen.  It took countless hours of reading & listening to your concerns, many sessions of door knocking, conducting surveys, and sifting through countless pages of data to really understand how to make everyone see that these speed humps were necessary.  Ultimately working diligently with town staff, and my fellow colleagues on council, and the data showed a high concentration of speeding at the westerly entrance/exit of Northgate & Professor Day.   The results of the survey showed that 95% of the Northgate residents (207 participants) wanted to see speed humps. 

I am so thankful for the residents who have put their trust in me from the beginning of this journey and a couple of them (I'm saddened to say) are not with us today to see this promise come to light but I know they are cheering just the same, knowing their beloved street is that much safer all the time. 

There's a safety saying that I heard regarding these mitigations "the minute speed humps go in, they start working immediately, and you get the results that quick too".  

Line 8 - Phase 1

Ward 6

Construction has begun on Line 8 in BWG!

It has been more than 20 years since any rehabilitation work has been completed on this stretch of road.  

I was quite displeased joining council as your elected ward 6 official and learning that previous council abandoned the work that needed to be done on Line 8 back in 2020 - read more here!

Subsequentially when you abandon a project it will have major effects on any certification bodies like an environmental assessment (EA) that needs to be maintained in order to continue work - It expired in 2021. 


Any new work that would need to be done - now needed a NEW EA to be completed.  The wait for sidewalks on the northside to help the hundreds of children, bike riders, school walkers, families going to the parks to travel safely on the north side will have to wait.  

There is a lot of hope in completing this work in Phases as it will allow us to add onto Line 8 without having to redo any of the work being done now.

When the new EA gets completed - we can move to design settings to help establish a safe walking or activity trail in Phase 2 with as little interruption as possible but with all the upgrades of making this roadway a more attainable, and appealing throughway part of BWG. 

Ward 6Line 8 & Professor Day Intersection Creation

The announcement and commencement of this intersection "coming to light", has been a hit the ground running kind of task.  Advocating to make everyone aware that this intersection was a priority for residents in Ward 6 and our neighboring Ward, Clr Giordano and the residents in ward 4, that a light at this intersection is a top priority

I was shocked to hear that the Environmental Assessment (EA) was let expire in 2021 by previous council; which meant that any type of construction could not continue, especially the development of the light at this intersection. 


There were long rumored ideas such as roundabouts that wanted to be put in this intersection, and I agree at one point this might have been a plausible idea had council moved ahead with this before the build up of all the residential areas such as dream fields and the extension of Horizons, but now having all this build up of residential, plus more densification of housing expected to be built, a roundabout just does not seem ideal whatsoever any longer.  

The proposal of this light intersection came from strong councillors listening to the concerns of their residents and it shows that something can be done if it makes common sense.  I will continue to listen and be a strong advocate for common sense and safety.

This intersection is used by thousands of vehicles and hundreds of residents which include, children, teenagers, bike riders, and pedestrians. 


The lighted intersection is expected to go Live this July/August 2024 after the reconstruction phase of Line 8 is completed.  

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