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The next four years in this Country we are going to see economic pressures never experienced in over 30 years.  The need for a strong Leader, a Strong Councillor representing Ward 6 in the everyday Look and Feel of our lives.  I will be right beside you in the trenches, grinding the day to day to live, create, develop ways to solve our economic needs.  I will be there to give a lending hand when its needed.  There is no extra mile in my vocabulary because its just my everyday approach to go all the way in getting the job done. 


Your Ward 6 Councillor will need to be more involved with its residents, more responsive to your concerns, more creative in developing ways to solve real issues.  Having a Councillor that is relatable to your everyday struggles, needs and concerns will ensure you have someone who understands what you need in order to survive.  I am the perfect candidate to heed these troubled waters approaching us.  You have that with a Vote for Nickolas Harper Ward 6 Councillor.

Our Future

I am a family man of 4 beautiful children, a beautiful wife, and a fun loving puppy.  Our Families are the foundations of our lifelines and the future of this great town.  Investing in your families interests is investing in the future of Bradford's interests.  I plan on doing this by Reducing Broken Promises and Increasing the Speed of Real Change, which will help build trust back in to government officials that are here to represent the people, for the people.  For the Families of the people.  

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