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We need to invest in our parks we have now and increase the leisure amenities on them so our children, kids and teenagers can play.  Splash pads and Outdoor rinks, skate parks and dog parks are coming  as they should already be here.  We have the space to develop new leisure centers for sports and activities.  We need to invest in our sports teams and keep our families and residents active. 

Coaching our Youth to greatness

Continuing Adult Sports for Fitness & Health


In Ward6 we have a HUGE unused space that has a walk/bike lane, and is just daunted by this huge Power line structure.  Technology and Infrastructure in this day and age, plus the growth of Bradford.  We deserve better and Upgrades.  Lets fill this space with amenities we can use now.  We have a Huge dog population here in Bradford and going to Scanlon Creek is nice, but not always ideal.  An ideal location would be to install a space for dogs in Ward 6.  


Lions Park is set for a major overhaul, the space in Northgate is perfect to house a Outdoor rink, or an Outdoor Skate Tube that could host both a summer activity and then pour water and house a winter activity that will unite the community, build better dreams for our major hockey teams and allow a place for kids to become kids again.  Let's build the Outdoor rink in Northgate.  This is just an example of a location that is suitable.


A garden, architectural design, lawn chess, somewhere teenagers can hang out.  We need a better Skate park and place for our teenagers to hang there hat.  Build the skatepark in the Nothgate Unite the Community Proposal. Something for Everyone.  This is just one example of many more great locations in Bradford that could be chosen sites. 


A Unified Town House League to create more opportunities for our youth to be active

An outdoor Splash pad is necessary.  The fact this area and residence has waited longer than most areas without a splash pad is absurd.  Build a Splash pad and at multiple locations.  Something for everyone. 

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