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Being elected your Councillor in ward 6 will allow me to introduce news social platforms so we can stay connected, Upgrade our streets and sidewalks, Unite our community to help protect our streets. Make Community Street Parties easier for residents to create Community events.  Raise awareness for our food banks by investing & recognizing our Volunteers.  Build better Activities & leisure amenities for our Youth & children to enjoy.  Invest in better sports team amenities to create fair market value for all kids to have a chance to play.  Build green spaces for adults & Families, build dog parks, skate parks, splash pads.  These upgrades will be needed sooner than later.  Wouldn't Now be best? 

Toddler on his Tricycle

Upgrade Existing Streets 

Upgrading streets with proper street lights, upgrade sidewalks and existing sidewalks. that have not been touched in over 25 years which cause hazards for residents in inclement weather conditions. 

There are several of these upgrades needed in ward 6 and throughout Bradford.  We need a full layout plan to address these issues. 

The list just keeps growing. . 

Social Platforms

Uniting the Community through a Facebook Group, Social Media Outlets to help post Crime Alerts, Community Policing, and even Community Help by offering town led Training for our Youth & Adults in CPR, Coaching and even Babysitter courses to help train our future leaders of tomorrow. 

Many more other useful tools can also be utilized to help communities get Social assistance especially in time of need, growth and early development. 

Walk with friends
Mobile Phone Photo of Carnival

Remove the Gatekeepers -
Street Parties

We need an upgraded system to allow communities to come together - like hosting street parties.  The same "shut it down" method seems to be much like other towns, but if we upgrade the system and make it better, it will allow our community to come together, be united, and be neighbors. 

Economic Help

Help the local food bank and outlets like Out' from the Cold who are giving food to those in need, clothing and a warm place to relax out of the cold, but also giving options for our teenagers to hang their hat and be kids again.  

With 50 new families in Bradford growing every month in need of assistance in these economic times.  We need to ensure we are setup to assist our communities before the crisis, this will allow us to be a proactive Town that is ready to help, instead of react.

This is why investing in Families, Residents, and our Neighbours is important.   

Soup Kitchen

Funding Emergency Services

Our Emergency services have been let down.  Call times and responses are at all time lows and poor level standards due to lack of planning, insufficient funding for more operators, and low coverage per capita to safely cover our town region. 

I am putting my full support into ensuring these services get the proper support, infrastructure, growth & development that will prepare Bradford West Gwillimbury to be setup for the next 30 years of coverage.  

I plan to be apart of the emergency services committees to help branch through some of these tough issues that need serious attention.   Being a former Police officer I understand the every day struggles and just want to take this opportunity to thank all our men & women who serve as first responders & commit to keeping us safe. 

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